Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất trong nhà đẹp, đa dạng phong cách -

About Vietnamese Beautiful Home Furniture

Beautiful Viet House Furniture Co., Ltd was established in 2017 and up to now has 5 years of experience in interior design and construction package for beautiful houses, villas, apartments and wishes to bring a Happy life to each family. We are one of the leading reputable interior design and construction companies.

The official office of Beautiful Viet House Furniture is located at 3rd Floor, Gia Thy Building, 158 Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

From the carpenters of the wood shop to our architects, we all work with the motto: “Quality is survival”. We always strive to ensure perfect quality for a beautiful home and exquisite interior space.

Xu hướng thiết kế nội thất trong nhà đẹp, đa dạng phong cách -

Over the past years of operation, our leadership team and staff have continued to learn and bring new and comfortable designs to our clients, especially those appropriate to feng shui, age and preference. homeowners’ preferences.

2. Vision – Mission – Core Values


The more Beautiful Home Furniture focuses on providing high quality professional interior design and construction services. We continue to develop depth and breadth and strive to bring out the best value to bring you standard design, scientific layout and high practicality.

The company’s goal is to be the first choice of every client when deciding to build and design furniture for their living space.


We know that your 1 hour is really precious and deciding to build a proper living space for yourself is an important decision. Therefore, the company always does its best for its customers, listening to their opinions and improving their living spaces.

Let’s enjoy the wonderful experience that beautiful home furniture brings to you together.

Core Values

Reputation – Quality – Efficiency – Sincerity

Reputation – Quality – Efficiency – Sincerity” is the primary factor that Dekue Home Furnishing Company always pursues in the development process.

– Reputation: Always provide high value services with attractive rewards for our customers.

– Quality: All products are of the best quality, showing the efforts and maximum dedication of the employees.

– Efficient: Receive information and find the most suitable products for our customers’ needs.

Sincerity. Dedicated and professional staff always supports customers from receiving inquiries to handing over products.

With the tenet of “Survival by Quality”, Beautiful Home Interior VC not only appreciates the quality of each design and construction product, but also pays special attention to supporting services, such as design consultation, transportation, installation, customer care, warranty and maintenance. We always want our customers to get the best benefit before, during and after using our products. Company products.

3. Business Structure


Beautiful Cross House Furniture Co., Ltd. has an excellent management team with years of experience in interior design and construction, and a team of skilled designers. With the efforts of the team, the company wants its customers to have a great experience and get the highest value for their money.


Step 1: Receive client information, schedule consultation

– Survey, design consultation.

– After this meeting, the company will send back a design proposal and preliminary construction quote to the client.

– If the client chooses their side, the contract for the interior design and construction package will begin.

Step 2: Design Perspective

– Produce 3D drawings

– Deployment of 2D technical drawings

Step 3: Construction Quotation

After completing the perspective drawings, the firm will proceed to the construction estimate quotation.

– The client adjusts the items in the quotation or changes the construction materials in the attached quotation.

– The client agrees to the quotation and we will proceed to advise you on the selection of materials, approve the technical drawings and sign the construction contract.

Step 4: Construction of the interior package

During the implementation process, we ensure that the design drawings are suitable and balanced with the budget set by the client to limit the costs incurred during the interior construction.

We always ensure dedication throughout the process of accompanying the client in the design, construction and completion of the interior of the house.

All stages of the design and construction process are strictly controlled by us to ensure completion according to the promised schedule and the highest quality of product.







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