Nồi nấu chậm Bear: Bí kíp nấu cháo không bị mất dinh dưỡng

Bear slow cooker 1l

The model has the same specifications as the Bear 0.8L pot, but the pot is larger in size, suitable for cooking for children to eat healthy.


The pot is eye-catching and compact

The size of the pot is larger than the 0.8l pot, cooking for a little more edible portion.

Integrating 6 features integrated in 1 product is a great assistant for you.

In particular, the pot is also integrated with a smart timer feature, more convenient to use.

Nồi nấu chậm Bear: Bí kíp nấu cháo không bị mất dinh dưỡng

The high quality ceramic inner pot retains heat for a long time.

Using the pot is quite easy.

You can cook many different dishes such as congee stew, tender chicken, bird’s nest, tea, etc.

Comes with a convenient steamer that allows you to cook 2 different dishes at a time, effectively saving time.


The capacity of the pot is 1L, which is only suitable for cooking porridge for babies and families with few members.

The power is low, so the cooking time is a bit long.

Cub 1.6L. Slow cooked porridge

If you want to cook porridge for your baby 3 times, consider choosing this model when reviewing the Little Bear slow cooker porridge.

The advantages are.

The capacity of the 1.6L large porcelain pot and 02 (two) 0.5L small porcelain pots is sufficient for cooking baby’s food. Can cook 2 to 3 dishes at the same time.

Has 6 multi-functional cooking modes (steam/boil, stew, porridge, oatmeal, tea, keep warm…) .

Water bath cooking/soup stew technology slowly heats food to ensure nutrients are preserved.

Fully automatic cooking function, spill-proof, non-stick, anti-burn bottom pan.

You simply use the cooker and select the cooking function (timer cooking if required), and when cooking is complete, the cooker will cook automatically and switch to keep warm.

High quality natural ceramic core retains and transfers heat evenly.

Simple timer, from fast/slow cooking to automatic keep warm for up to 9.5 hours

Use the included steamer basket to cook 2 different dishes at the same time (cooking below and steaming food above) for convenience and time saving.

The downside.

The pot is slightly more expensive than the two models above at about $600,000.

The pot is a bit heavy, so it is a bit difficult to move around.

4. Cub 1.8L slow cooker porridge

I reviewed the Little Bear slow cooker, which has more advantages and utilities than the above models, so if you have a large family, consider using it


There are 8 cooking modes in the pot, so you can freely cook your baby’s favorite dishes.

Having a 1.8L capacity pot, it is suitable for the needs of the family to cook for the baby.

In particular, the pot can cook porridge as well as steam vegetables, eggs and cakes …… Very convenient, especially when pregnant mothers and babies need nourishment!

No need to worry about burning, spilling or watching the pot.

Cook at your leisure, but still provide adequate nutrition for your baby.

Moms don’t have to get up early; the pot can be cooked from the night before so that baby wakes up the next morning with porridge to eat.

The pot has an automatic switch to keep warm mode to maintain temperature so you can eat right away without reheating

Includes a full set of pot accessories.


The pot is heavy with steam, so you need to be careful when moving it so you don’t break the ceramic pot.

The pot is also quite expensive, about 800,000.

5. Cub 2.5 liter. Slow Cooker

This is the largest capacity slow cooker in the Cub liner and is suitable for large families and small children.


The water bath cooking method helps preserve the nutrients in the dish.

The pot has an automatic or manual keep warm mode to keep food hot and ready to enjoy.

Easy-to-use control panel with LED display.

The pot has a large capacity, so you can cook porridge for your baby or many other dishes for your family.

The noise level is quite low when the water in the pot is boiling.

Designed with a handle to prevent scalding, it is absolutely safe to use.

With the built-in timer function, you don’t need to look at the time and you can schedule effectively.

Comments: Bear slow cooker porridge machine has many different cooking functions, such as cooking porridge, bird’s nest, stewing soup, etc.

The disadvantage is.

The pot is very laborious, so it will consume more electricity than other types of capacity.

The pot is large, so it will be more difficult to move than the smaller pots mentioned above.

Where can I buy a Cub slow cooker that is authentic?

Where to buy is equally important in a Cub slow cooker review. There are many places in today’s market where you can buy a Cub slow cooker.

In order to buy fake, counterfeit and inferior products, in this Cub slow cooker review, I recommend that you choose to buy the product from a reputable large electronic and e-commerce website.

It doesn’t take long to choose the right product.

There is no need to move out, which is very inconvenient.

There is diversity and abundance of products on the page.

Easy to buy, just place an order and the goods will be delivered to your door.







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