Đèn led thả trần và các đặc điểm , ứng dụng của chúng


Just like chandeliers, today there are many types of pendant lights, many diverse models for customers to choose from. There are many ways to classify pendant lights, here are some common criteria for classifying pendant lights on the market today.


Ordinary pendant lights

Ordinary pendant lights

Đèn led thả trần và các đặc điểm , ứng dụng của chúng

Chandeliers are not too large and are suitable for hanging in rooms with ceilings below 3.5 meters. These are the most popular decorative chandeliers and are used by many people to decorate house spaces from living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens.



An all-purpose chandelier is known by many as a specialized weapon to decorate the area above and below the stairs of a house. The large size of the floor lamp not only brings light to the dark corners of the house, but also helps all family members to appreciate its beauty. Currently, manufacturers have extremely beautiful designs and materials that cannot be missed.

Glass is easy to find, easy to mold and easy to create sparkling, colorful lights. Previously, people only used glass in chandeliers as a popular material with clear tones as the main color. However, today there are types of colored and plated glass that have their own unique characteristics that not all materials can create.


Uniquely designed crystal chandeliers

In recent years, the trend of crystal chandeliers has naturally become popular with customers. Crystals are attached to very small cables by artisans to create a soft, sparkling glamour. These crystal strands create a huge collection of crystal chandeliers that few people can ignore.

Artistic Iron Chandeliers

The Art Iron Chandelier is a modern chandelier design without any patterns or rules. While this is a fairly diverse new lamp type, it has a strange appeal and is inexpensive. In modern apartments and townhouses, iron chandeliers always have the greatest advantage.

Artistic wooden lanterns

The unique and eye-catching wooden chandelier is a model that is mainly used in bedrooms or cafes and creameries. It is a chandelier model with many designs, some based on each piece of wood put together, some made of small and thin wood, so …… create really unique lights, usually Wooden chandeliers have warm colors and are suitable for spaces that do not need a lot of light.

Design Style

Just like chandeliers, there are 3 types of chandeliers: modern, neo-classical and classic.

Each design style is suitable for different spaces, so when choosing a chandelier, careful consideration is needed to avoid the hassle of installing it in harmony with the house.

Advantages of the pass-through light type

Choose the most suitable chandelier according to the installation space such as living room or dining room.

Currently, LED chandeliers contain lights in many shapes and sizes to fit any space.

Adjust flexible strings of lights to match the ceiling, ensuring that the lights are not low to eye level and disrupting life, or hung too high and interfering with the lighting of the space.

LED lights generally have a high light life, ensuring that the entire space is lit while maximizing and saving the user’s energy.

Disadvantages of using ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are used for relatively large spaces, or ceilings over 2.6 meters, but this is a disadvantage for low ceilings that bring beauty to the viewer.

LED lights have a large capacity, but in the long run, when the life is over, replacing the components will take the user time.

Application of modern decorative lights

Due to the advantage of being suitable for many spaces, we can easily see ceiling lights being used to decorate many different spaces such as: spaces in houses, cafes, restaurants, ……. Especially in your living space, it is suitable to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms, it is very effective for that space in terms of quality of light as well as aesthetics.

Applying modern ceiling lights to decorate a space

A living room space becomes more beautiful and warm is a combination of furniture, in which modern living room ceiling lights play an important role with good lighting features, along with a sophisticated design. The harmony in the room.

Modern decorative chandelier is not picky about the space it illuminates. Each space has its own unique beauty and personality. Therefore, you can completely choose and install lights according to each building to create a novelty with your own personal style.






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