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Dumplings and dumplings molds

In this article, Vinairato will synthesize the most modern and convenient tools for making dumplings, dumplings, and dumplings that will help you make dumplings quickly and beautifully. eye.

Dumplings and dumplings molds

Dumplings and dumpling molds are a very popular tool for making dumplings and dumplings. Normally, the dumpling, dumpling mold is used to make the shape of dumplings, dumplings, and dumplings more easily, quickly and beautifully.

Máy cán bột giá rẻ, Giá cập nhật 1 giờ trước

Specifically, this cake mold is made of high quality food grade plastic, which is safe for human health. This dumpling mold is simple in structure, easy to use and easy to clean. In particular, this plastic mold is molded to the shape of a traditional dumpling, so the user does not need to spend time bending and creating the edges of the cake… Thanks to this, the finished product has a uniform and balanced appearance.

Usually, in the market, molds for making dumplings and dumplings are very cheap, starting from only VND20,000. However, when using molds to make dumplings, soup dumplings, and dumplings, it is necessary for the cook to follow the manual process, so the capacity is very low and time consuming. Therefore, this plastic dumpling, dumpling, and dumpling mold is only suitable for housewives who make dumplings in small quantities at home.

Dumpling Machine

The gyoza-making machine is a modern machine that makes dumplings, dumplings, and dumplings according to a fully automated process. Therefore, this is an effective assistant for units that produce and process dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, steamed buns, and snacks on a medium or large scale.

This series of machines has a wide range of production capacity to meet the needs of all customers. Typically, at average capacity, the gyoza-making machine can produce 8,000 dumplings/hour continuously in a closed, fully automated process. This capacity can be equivalent to the productivity of 10-15 artisan bakers per day.

If you want to make many different types of cakes (dumplings, mandarin cakes, samosas, gyoza, ravioli, dumplings, etc.), you can easily change the type of molds used to make pillows and dumplings on the machine. Thus, any professional food production facility or factory can easily automate the production process and increase productivity and product quality.

In particular, this dumpling, dumpling, and mandarin cake making machine not only helps owners save a lot of time and effort, but also reduces the cost of hiring labor. With just one person operating the machine, you can make thousands of

dumplings, dumplings, and mandarin cakes that are uniform, beautiful, soft, chewy, tasty, and unbreakable.

Price of industrial gyoza(dumpling)-making machine

The price of the Irato gyoza-making machine is very good, starting from only 300,000, so the machine is suitable for all production and business premises …… The machine will help you to improve the production process from manual to modern. It saves a lot of labor and production time.

Although the machine is compact, its powerful engine and high production efficiency make it well worth the investment in production equipment.

Some machine types of automatic gyoza production line

The automatic gyoza production line is a system of machines for processing, producing and molding gyoza, dumplings, pot pies, pillow pies, steamed bun pies… It follows a closed, fully automatic process, ensuring food safety and great productivity.

Currently, there are many different types of automatic gyoza production lines on the market. Each type of machine will have a separate function, or even a multifunctional model. Examples include: dough mixers, dough rolling machines, dumpling skin machines, filling choppers, filling mixers, machines that both chop and mix the filling, dumpling molds, dumpling machines ….

Powder Mixer

In order to produce delicious dumplings and dumplings with soft and chewy cakes to attract diners, production facilities cannot complete the process of mixing the dough by hand or by using a small dough mixer. Therefore, the production of dumplings, dumplings, snacks, and steamed buns …… units must use large capacity dough mixers.

When mass producing, this means you have to mix large and tough doughs. You need to knead the dough with a large mortar, the more you beat it the stronger it gets and with a durable motor, like 5kg, 7kg, 10kg flour mixers, so the new dough mixing process is fast and smooth. The time of each mixing is 7-10 minutes.

When operating, the machine rotates the mixing bowl and the beater at the same time (the beater will rotate first). Thanks to this, the dough is thoroughly kneaded and a good elasticity and satisfactory mixing is obtained in a short time.

Dough rolling machine

The dough rolling machine line is also one of the equipment that a company should have to bring high efficiency. However, for large-scale production facilities that have invested in multifunctional machines that integrate the functions of a dough rolling machine, there is no need to invest in such dough rolling machines. For small and medium-sized production units that do not have the conditions to invest in modern multifunctional machines, or for new units that do not have experience in making dumplings, dumplings, wontons, manta cakes, dumplings, bread, noodles, and ravioli …… Be sure to invest in an automatic noodle rolling machine.







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