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Identify 100% genuine adidas hats

The 100% genuine adidas hat will have an extremely sharp and sophisticated logo. Adidas is a quality hat brand that is popular and widely used in the market. Therefore, many hat manufacturers have taken advantage of the Adidas brand to create imitation products of the company. Follow the article on how to recognize genuine adidas hats and be a smart consumer!

History of the Adidas brand

Adidas is a German sportswear brand, formerly known as the Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik company. Founded in collaboration with Adi (Adolf) Dassler and his brother Rudolf Dassler in 1924. With his passion for sports, Adolf Dassler created shoes based on observations and listen to the needs of athletes.

The reputation of the Dassler brothers and their products quickly became known, through the shoes associated with the glorious victories of many athletes. This has also brought huge revenue to the company, with the number of about 200,000 pairs/year.

In 1948, the Dassler brothers separated to form their own company. His brother Rudolf founded Ruda, which later renamed the brand Puma. The younger brother Adi built the Adidas brand in 1949. These two brands have officially become rivals since then.

II. Get to know Adidas hats

1. Brand logo embroidered on the body of the hat

Counterfeit goods: Observation is not sharp.

Mũ Adidas chính hãng màu trắng DX0601 - Giày Authentic

-The real thing: extremely sharp and delicate.

2. The brand logo on the back of the hat is incorrect

– Counterfeit: The logo is incorrectly sized and distorted.

-genuine product: standard logo Looks smooth and very sharp.

3. Stamp of ingredients, instructions for use

– Counterfeit goods: white seal with black letters on one side and no instructions for use

– Genuine goods: Black seal with white letters and instructions for use on the other side.

4. factory seal (the birth of the hat)

– Fake goods: There is no factory seal because it is sewn by a fake product other than the designated company.

– Genuine goods: Turn over the material stamp, you will see a description stamp on the back, the factory stamp includes the following information: season of the year, date, month, year of production, factory symbol, size, art , color symbol of the hat, brand logo.

5. 5. Brand

– Fakes: different brands have the same material stamp, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Quiksilver, Fox brand stamp …… Same 1 or 2 sizes, colors, layouts and stitching locations. Identical seals.

– The real deal: each brand has individual stamps that are completely different in size, color, layout, and stamp stitching location.

The 5 most popular authentic Adidas hat models

1. Adidas men’s original technology mesh snapback cap

This is the hat that takes the top spot in the top 5 hottest Adidas hat models today. Hat form. The manufacturer printed with Adidas logo is quite eye-catching, and the cap is harmoniously separated from the body of the cap. With a new design, simple and harmonious colors, clearly demonstrates the coolness of its users. At the same time expresses the true Adidas brand personality. Young, energetic and individual. That’s why the Adidas Men’s Originals Tech Mesh Snapback Cap is so popular. Comes in 2 great colors. Black and White

Price: VND600,000 – VND1,200,000

2. Adidas Men’s Originals Patch Trucker Cap

With a variety of colors. From doe, black and white to stylish blue jeans, it will appeal to fans who love authentic Adidas caps. The back is made of mesh material to give the user a cool and comfortable feeling. If you dye your hair, it can show the color of your hair and is very “premium” for those who own it. The brand logo is also designed to be more specific when the icons are placed equally within a rectangular frame with clear headings for the reader. This would be a great choice for anyone planning to purchase this Auth hat.

Price: You can get this stylish hat from only 700,000 VND

3. Adidas Performance 6P 3S S98156 . Caps

The Adidas Performance 6P 3S S98156 looks similar to the Adidas Men’s Originals Tech Mesh Snapback, but with three white stripes on the cap to show the brand’s colors. Adidas Performance 6P 3S S98156 is considered a sophisticated design and has chosen black as the main color with white stripes as the highlight of the product.

Price: from VND700,000 to VND900,000

4. Adidas Men’s Fashion Trucker Black/Vesta Grey, one size fits most people. Hat

This is a special style reserved by Adidas for golfers. However, it will not make you “stand out” if you wear it to walk, travel or attend events. It can help the wearer stand out and feel more confident thanks to its impressive and original design and colors.

Price: For less than VND1,000,000, you already own it

5. Adidas Originals Unisex Washed Bucket Hat

Different from the design in the hat, Adidas Men’s Victory II Bucket Hat not only exudes the wearer’s temperament, but also has a “windy taste”. (Genuine Adidas hat how much) However, many people still mistakenly think that this is only for women’s design …… In fact, otherwise, Vietnamese and Korean stars often use Adidas Originals Unisex Washed Bucket Hat when they appear in front of that screen. brings very own style, not only classy, but also very new compared to ordinary hats.

Price: from VND800,000 to VND1,200,000

After understanding these 5 considerations, you don’t have to worry about buying fake products. In addition to buying the right genuine product, the price is also a factor that many netizens are very concerned about. If you want to know how much a genuine Adidas hat costs, you can ask friends and relatives. Or those who are experienced, or you can also consider adding the price yourself on some websites on the internet. In order to have the best price, you should order sewing at the factory, these places are usually much cheaper than the market price.






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