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Notes To Know When Using Smart Power Sockets For Apartments

Are you looking to learn about the features and operating principles of smart sockets? Are you wondering which smart plug to buy for your apartment? Or when buying this type of socket should pay attention to what? Follow along to the following article to know the answer!

1.What is the type of smart power socket?

This type of socket is designed to interact with Wifi-connected electronic devices in your apartment. Specifically, smart electrical sockets have all the functions of a normal socket. However, they are also equipped with the ability to turn on or off or timer to connect electrical devices easily via Wi-Fi.

ổ cắm điện giá tốt Tháng 8, 2022 | Mua ngay | Shopee Việt Nam

In particular, they can automatically cut off when the current is overloaded and there is trouble. With the current pace of life in the 4.0 technology era, this is considered a very convenient and modern household item for your apartment.

Smart sockets are an integration between the functionality of traditional sockets and the convenience of remote control technology.

2. Outstanding advantages of smart sockets for your apartment

Easy and convenient control of electrical appliances on and off

Smart sockets allow you to easily control any electronic device in your home remotely. In other words, all it takes is a smartphone connected to a smart power outlet. You can completely turn on/off the fan, rice cooker, air conditioner …… even when you are outside.

In addition, you only need to install it once and the system will automatically do it again next time. Therefore, you don’t need to spend time and effort to control each device anymore.

Helps save on electricity costs and the device’s battery is not bottled

Devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, …… are often bottled up and reduce battery life due to overnight charging. With a smart outlet, the current is automatically cut off once the battery is fully charged.

At the same time, the timer or automatically turn off the device charging mode when the battery is fully charged. This will help save energy efficiently and minimize your monthly electricity bill.

Automatic disconnection in case of overload or problem to ensure the safety of your apartment

In fact, many unfortunate incidents have occurred due to circuit overloads or short circuits. Choosing to use a smart electrical outlet with an automatic shut-off feature when there is a problem will help ensure the safety of your home appliances. Limit the risk of fire or other unfortunate events that may occur due to electrical shorts.

Safety, convenience, savings and modernization are the outstanding advantages of such outlets

3. How to use smart electrical sockets

Smart sockets are still new to Vietnamese users. As a result, many people are still unaware of the usage of such sockets and the precautions to take when selecting them.

The process of using a smart power outlet usually has the following 3 steps.

-Step 1: Plug the smart socket into the power supply

-Step 2: Install the outlet manufacturer’s app or Google’s Virtual Assistant app.

– Step 3: Control the device and control the outlet with commands on your smartphone.

4. Should you choose to buy a good quality outlet?

To choose to buy a good outlet, you should pay attention to the following issues.

Choose to buy from a genuine store or distributor.

Country of origin, clear and reputable outlet manufacturer.

The specifications on the socket must be detailed and complete.

Attention to detail, finishing and the certainty and detail of the electrical drive.

If you choose to buy sockets from an online e-commerce site. You can check the review section for comments from people who have purchased the product.

Ask friends, colleagues or relatives who have used it for advice or direct reference information.

Some of the popular and well-reviewed electrical outlets currently on the market can be mentioned. Xiaomi Smart Power Socket, TP-Link HS100 Socket, Wifi Sonoff S22, …… You can refer to and consider choosing the best type of outlet that best suits your home.

There are many types of outlets in the market nowadays, please consider carefully and choose the best outlet that suits your home and has the best quality.

5. Certain considerations you need to know when using smart home power outlets

Smart socket control mobile app

Usually, for smart outlets, in order to be able to control them remotely, you have to install and use an additional app on your phone. In order for operations such as on/off, outlet timers, etc. to work best, you need to be aware of the following.

-The app must match your phone’s configuration. Typically, most applications are compatible and work well on Android and IOS phones. As for Windows Phone or Blackberry OS configurations, it will be more difficult to be compatible.

You can easily download and install them on compatible app stores such as CHplay for Android or Appstore for iOS. there are some types of wireless sockets that require quite complex app installation. Therefore, you should be careful to choose a big, reputable brand with apps that are easy to install and easy to use. As well as during use, you will be more likely to solve and support difficulties.

– For better remote control of smart power outlets, you should also pay attention to the stability of the outlet’s Wifi connection, whether the outlet’s USB charging port is guaranteed to…







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