Bóng đèn LED thông minh Philips

Panasonic bulbs

Panasonic bulbs

Panasonic is a brand that we are all too familiar with. Not only known for products such as televisions, washing machines, … Panasonic is also known as a brand that provides prestigious light bulbs with outstanding quality. The lamps are produced to ensure energy saving, safe for the health of users. If you are looking for a good bulb brand then Panasonic is a perfect choice.

Electric Light Bulb

Bóng đèn LED thông minh Philips

Dien Quang is the leading light bulb brand in Vietnam.Dien Quang offers lighting products at reasonable prices that suit the economic needs of the Vietnamese people. The products are quite cheap, but this does not mean that the quality is not good. the light bulbs produced by Dien Quang are thoroughly tested and meet the standards before they are put on the market. the light bulbs from Dien Quang have the advantages of saving energy and protecting eyes well. Using good quality domestic goods at a reasonable price is not a bad choice.

Anfaco light bulbs

Anfaco is a very famous light bulb brand in Vietnam and the world. The lamps are available in a variety of designs to suit many spaces. The quality is guaranteed as the products go through a rigorous testing process before being put on the market.

Anfaco’s business direction is to serve all the requirements of customers. This is the reason why the bulbs of this brand always give a certain sympathetic look to the consumers.

Reviews of the 5 best light bulbs today

Are you planning to buy a light bulb, but don’t know which one to choose? Please refer to the following top 5 bulbs rated by consumers as the best today.

LED Tube Light Ecofit HO 1.2m 20w Philips

This is a Philips brand product, a T8 tube light that is considered a perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent bulbs. They are designed with 2 power heads in the center of one end of the ball. This product will surely bring satisfaction to every customer.

LED Tube Light Ecofit HO 1.2m 20w Philips


Long lamp life with up to 25,000 hours of lighting time

The LED chip included in the bulb has an effective energy-saving capability, saving 80% of energy compared to other traditional black wires.

Design is somewhat similar to a fluorescent lamp, but it is more compact

The lamp has a good luminous capacity

The size of the lamp (1.2m) is suitable for most of the current 1×1.2m, 2×1.2m, 3×1.2m, 4×1.2m light troughs.

This type of bulb is according to the international standard IEC and the candle is very safe.


The shade of this type of bulb is not as popular as other bulbs, so choosing a compatible fixture can be a bit difficult.

Reference price. About VND90,000

Dahal DAT 506 6w . Incandescent LED bulb

Dahal DAT 506 6w incandescent bulb belongs to Duhal Led Bulb Duhal series, very popular in restaurants, hotels, offices to add beauty to the lighting space.

Dahal DAT 506 6w . Incandescent LED bulbs


The bulb is compact, modern, elegant and sophisticated design. If you put this lamp together with other ordinary incandescent lamps, you will definitely see the difference immediately.

High average life span

Helps save energy up to 80% or more

Very good lighting effect

The bulb does not contain infrared light, radioactive substances, … So it is very environmentally friendly and does not affect human health

Natural light, no glare


No drawbacks found yet

Reference price. About 86,000 VND

30W Rang Dong LED bulb Light bulb

Originating from Vietnam, Rang Dong brand products are certainly familiar to Vietnamese people. The bulb has excellent features that can always meet the lighting needs of any living space. The lamp is made of high quality PC plastic and has a special cylindrical design.

30W Rang Dong LED bulb light bulb


High luminous efficiency of the bulb

Bulb has good durability

Save electricity consumption

Environmentally friendly product, absolutely safe for users

Color rendering coefficient (CRI>85) dogs high quality natural light and increases the ability to recognize colors

Capable of a wide range of applications: can be installed in homes, stores, commercial centers, offices, public buildings,.


More expensive than traditional fluorescent lamps

The size of the thread is quite large, so it is difficult to hold when installing

Reference price. About 152,000 VND

LED bulb electric bulb LED BU11A60 5W

This bulb belongs to the manufacturer of Dien Quang in Vietnam and uses high quality LED lighting technology. They have an oval shape, compact in very nice. A product that provides a quality light source and is definitely a must-see.


Compact design is easy to hold

Lamp life of 15,000 hours

The product uses LED lighting technology, so as soon as the switch is flipped, the product will light up, ensuring optimal brightness when in use.

Creates a soft, natural light source that brings a pleasant feeling to the entire space.

Low price

The disadvantages are

Lamp life is lower than the other 4 types of lamps.

Reference price. About 44,000 VND

Panasonic LED bulb LDAHV8L27H2AP3 8w

One of the 5 best bulbs that cannot be left out today is the Led Panasonic LDAHV8L27H2AP3 8w bulb. This is a product of the Japanese Panasonic brand. The bulb is designed to be round and can help illuminate a space.


Stable brightness due to luminous flux (590Lm), lighting time is maintained

Lamp life up to 25,000 hours of light






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