Son Dưỡng Môi Có Màu Innisfree Simple Label Lip Color Balm 3,2g

Take a look at 14 colored lip balms for plump lips all the time

Lip balm is a beauty cosmetic that must be indispensable for every girl, especially in dry weather, let’s take a look at 14 colored lip balms with Bach Hoa GREEN for plump lips all the time. Guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

1Laneige Stained Glow Lip Balm

Laneige Stained Glow Lip Balm belongs to Laneige brand, originating in Korea.

Laneige Stained Glow Lip Balm contains phyto cholesteryl, this ingredient helps to create a skin barrier and moisturizes lips for up to hours.

Besides, the combination of shea butter extract, strawberry essence, oleic acid, … in the ingredient list helps the product promote its optimal moisturizing effect even more.

Feel the effect: Lipstick with a soft texture, when applied to the lips, you can feel a pleasant light fragrance, lips are glossy, moist after use. The condition of peeling lips will be greatly improved if used regularly.

Feel the effect

Feel the effect

The lipstick palette has 3 colors: red, coral, pink.

Son Dưỡng Môi Có Màu Innisfree Simple Label Lip Color Balm 3,2g


The lip balm comes in 3 natural colors and is fresh and soulful for school and work.

Rich in nutrients from shea butter, it penetrates deeply into the lips and after application, lips look soft and natural without drying out or peeling.

Disadvantages are

A bit pricey for students, students.

Reference price. About 450,000 VND/3g ingot.

2BareSoul Lip Balm and Blush

BareSoul Lip Balm and Blush

BareSoul Lip Balm and Cheek

This product belongs to the brand of Vietnamese personal care brand Baso-Skin Co.

BareSoul Lip Tint & Cheek Color Lip Balm and Cheek Balm contains extracts of avocado oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E. It helps to provide moisture to plump lips, prevent and improve the aging of lip skin, and protect lips from environmental pollution.

Feel the effects. The product has a soft waxy lip balm, the product feels comfortable to use, does not cause stickiness or greasiness, provides nutrients, helps lips stay smooth and does not feel heavy on the lips.

The lipstick palette comes in 3 colors: burgundy, earthy orange, and velvet pink.


Product has a natural pink color that is suitable for all skin types.

The product promises to be free of lead, alcohol, and preservatives, ensuring absolute safety for the user.

Can be used as a very convenient blush.

Disadvantages: 1:

The shelf life of the product is slightly shorter (6 months) compared to other lip balms.

Reference price. Approximately VND160,000/10g jar.

3 Maybelline Bloom Color Lip Balm

Maybelline Bloom Color Lip Balm belongs to the Maybelline brand and originated in New York, USA.

The main ingredients of this product are jojoba oil and pro-vitamins that moisturize lips and help to smooth and prevent dry lips. The product also contains SPF 16 to help protect lips from the sun’s rays.

Feel the effects. The lipstick has a fruity scent, the color is light but not dark, it does not feel heavy or sticky, and when used, the lipstick softens the lips quite quickly and the color adheres for up to about 2 hours if you do not eat.

How I feel after using Maybelline Blossom Lipstick

How I feel after using Maybelline Blossom Lipstick

This lipstick palette comes in 2 colors: pink and orange.


Low price

Good moisturizing effect on the lips

Lipstick is soft and smooth, not too thick and not sticky


Lipstick color is a bit light.

Taste is a bit chemical.

Reference price. About VND67,000 / 1.7g ingot.

4 Lipice Sheer Color Fruit Extract Balm

Lipice Sheer Color Fruit Extract Balm comes from Rohto brand, an extremely famous brand from Japan in Vietnam.

The mixture of natural extracts and vitamins A, C and E in the product has a moisturizing effect that helps lips look healthy and fresh, in addition to the product’s effective antioxidant power.

In particular, the product with collagen content keeps lips plump for hours, and combined with macadamia oil, it helps to replenish the most remarkable moisturizing ingredients for lips.

It feels great to work. The product’s lipstick is light, not too thick, moisturizing, easy to apply, and the color is clear after 2-3 swipes, but such shades will stick to the skin for a long time and need real attention when removing makeup.

The lipstick palette has 4 colors: sweet strawberry pink, bright red cherry, cranberry, and vibrant orange.


Pretty good moisturizing ability, bold lipstick colors, color stays on for about 2 to 3 hours, good for young people to use for school and on the go.

Moderately priced and easy to find, can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, and cosmetic stores.


The color is not very good.

The color stays on for a long time, so you have to be more careful during makeup removal.

Has a slight strong odor.

Reference price. About VND85,000 / 4g ingot.

5 Natural ingredient lip pure color

Japanese Rohto brand natural ingredients lip pure color lip balm

Contains extracts of honey and beeswax that help care for sensitive delicate lips, prevent dry lips and soften lips effectively.

Extracts from nuts. Almond oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia oil and shea butter are rich in vitamins A, E and fatty acids to help keep lips fresh and thin.

In addition, together with extracts of blueberries and carrots, which also have high antioxidant capacity, all help lips have a natural pink color and help protect them from UV damage.

Feel the effects. The product has a light, pleasant fragrance and a light, fresh color suitable for students, who are only good at moisturizing their lips, and the lipstick is soft and smooth and feels good when applied to the lips. It is comfortable and feels soothing.






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