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The most popular color lip balm lines today

A colored lip balm will help you feel more confident when going out because you don’t need to use lip balm and matte lipstick to color but still own a soft, full of life lips. However, on the market today, there are also many types of colored lip balms with different ingredients and uses. To answer all your concerns, today’s article will review some of the best colored lip balms today.

1. Why use lip balm?

Beautiful lips not only help you communicate confidently but also give you a brighter and more radiant face. However, not everyone knows how to take care of their lips properly. Usually girls only pay attention to taking care of their skin, but they forget that lips also need to be taken care of.

A beautiful lips is a plump, rosy lips, not dry, cracked, bleeding, wrinkled.

In addition to the problem of ugly dry lips, there are many reasons why lips are not beautiful, that is, dull lip color. Dull lips, darkened for many reasons, due to innate – this factor is very difficult to overcome, but most of them are because you do not know how to properly care for your lips.

7 thỏi Son dưỡng môi có màu Xài 1 lần là Nghiện | TuDienLamDep

2. Steps for proper lip care

To have beautiful lips, you must follow these steps.

B1. Lip makeup removal.

During the day, the skin and lips must be exposed to a lot of dust, UV rays from the sun, and especially the chemicals in lipsticks. Therefore, normal washing is not enough, you need to use a special lip makeup remover to keep your lips “clean” and make them beautiful.

B2. Exfoliate your lips.

Lip skin, like facial skin, always gets oxidized and dead cells appear. So we remember to exfoliate our lips about two to three times a week to remove the dead skin scales on our lips to make them more rosy and smooth and beautiful when we use lipstick.

B3. Exercise your lips.

Performing simple exercises every day helps the lips to be “healthy” from the inside out, cultivating rosy, vibrant lips. Every day we just need to do a wide smile and then pucker up and try to hold it for at least 5 seconds.

B4. Go to bed early and let your lips relax.

You will clearly see that if we have enough and deep sleep, your lips will look fresher the next day. Therefore, remember to take care of your lips with a scientific rest.

B5. Lip moisturizer.

Lip skin is quite thin and does not have the ability to protect itself like facial skin, so she needs to moisturize frequently to get smooth and rosy lips.

You should find the best and right lip moisturizer that is not too moist and causes discomfort, but still make sure your lips have enough moisture to help them be fuller and rosier.

These days, women have fallen in love with more tinted lip balms because aside from moisturizing their lips, they can also replace lipstick in their daily makeup routine. Here are the best tinted lip balms to buy at mid to high end prices, which will be your advice to find the right lip balm for you!

Lipice Lip Balm is enriched with lanolin and mineral oil. lipice lip balm prevents dry and flaky lips by providing rich moisturizing ingredients.

In addition, it is a lip balm line with SPF 15 sunscreen ingredients to protect lips from UV rays. This is a very rare point in a regular lip balm. And often new high-end lip balm lines will come with more sun protection for the lips.


It is a lip balm line that contains sun protection

There are many colors and flavors to choose from

It is very cheaply priced

It is a very popular product on the market


Has an instant softening effect, but not specifically for dry and cracked lips

Lips tend to get dry after using it for a while

3.2. Maybelline Baby Lip Balm

Unlike the usual sleek and modern image of Maybelline products, its Baby Lips collection looks like sweet candies. Each color in each lipstick collection has a different flavor, but all have the common characteristics of being young and feminine.

After using it, your lips will be moisturized, smooth and naturally fresh without the need to use any other color of lipstick. It stays true to the company’s original slogan.” Maybe she was born beautiful. Maybe thanks to Maybelline!”


Wide range of scents to choose from

Moisturizes well and is not greasy

Tinted and colorless lip balm for your choice

Low price


Can moisturize and soften lips immediately, but not much ability to retain moisture for lips in the long run

3.3. Vaseline Lip Balm

This is one of the cheapest and best colored lip balms available today. You will feel its effect from the first use.

Its ingredients are mainly made of 100% pure mineral fats, containing jojoba oil, vitamins A and C, olive oil, beeswax,, and are suitable for all users.


The lipstick has a tube like an eye ointment which is quite compact and convenient.

When applying lipstick, it feels very smooth and is suitable for lining when applying lip makeup.

The lipstick is odorless and has a slightly reddish color. If you want a darker color, you can apply a thicker layer of lipstick.

Use it as a lip balm. Before you go to bed, you only need to apply a thin layer of lip balm on your lips. The next morning, when you wake up, you will have soft, plump and pink lips.

The downside is.

Son doesn’t come in many colors and it’s not easy to find a real address to order from. You can order it on Hasaki!

3.4. Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint

In 2018, this is the most melting lip balm for women. It’s been 2 years, but her HOT level has never decreased.

Ingredients. Mainly beeswax, which moisturizes well. Many people look at the design of this lipstick and think it is a matte lipstick. However, since the main ingredient is beeswax which has good moisturizing effect, this cannot be a matte lipstick. But in fact, its color fastness is very good, up to 8 hours.


Good moisturizing effect and color retention up to 8 hours

Very standard color from the first coat

Variety of shades

The lipstick is as soft as butter and you can brush your lips easily and naturally

The design of the lipstick case looks very classy


The price is a bit high







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